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Discover TowelChic's unwavering commitment to sourcing high-quality products that bring joy to your everyday life. Our artisan-loomed towels are not only sand-resistant, lightweight, and compact, but also machine washable and certified non-toxic!  TowelChic offers authentic 100% natural Turkish cotton towels that are skillfully loomed by artisans from the Aegean region where they have been loomed for nearly 600 years.  They are eco-friendly and certified non-toxic by The Standard 100 (OEKO-TEX). 

Our designs include beach, bath, and kitchen towels of the highest quality, with longer more durable fibers, crafting the softest touch.  These trend-setting artisan-loomed towels are supersized, yet lightweight and compact for easy travel.   They are also flat woven making them sand-resistant and quick to dry which helps prevent mildew.                               

Our towels are perfect for the beach and bath; lightweight and compact for boating, camping and other small spaces such as RV’s.  Here are just a few ways our towels transition between your home and on the go:

• Spa cover-up
• Fitness and hiking
• Ultra light hair towel
• Baby throw blanket
• Hot Yoga mat cover
• Beach cover/sarong
• Light body cover post tanning
• Light throw/shawl for outdoors
• Home décor
• Chic table overlay
• Chair cover
• Wall tapestry

Because they use less space than a traditional terry towel, you may enjoy benefits of energy savings as you may wash more towels in one load without wearing heavily on your washing machine.  Turkish towels are world renowned for their high quality and last for a longer period of time.   

The hand towels double as a lightweight head towel that does not weigh heavily on your hair.

Rated by The Spruce as "the best overall Turkish bath towel on Amazon".


Gift Ideas

Perfect as a unique gift for someone who is hard to shop for!

Perfect unique housewarming gift.

Makes a great stocking stuffer! (No kidding, it is so compact that it will even fit in a stocking)

(*) The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification

You can read more about The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification by visiting their official Web page: