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Hand Towel (Double Sided Weave) Grey

Hand Towel (Double Sided Weave) Grey

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100% natural Turkish cotton finished with beautiful fringes. Lightweight, ultra-thin and flat-woven making them compact, highly absorbent, and quick to dry which helps prevent mildew. 

Rectangular in shape; measures 23"x36" (up to 20% larger than a traditional hand towel) and only weighs 0.24 lbs.

Characteristics: Machine washable; tagless; unisex

Most common uses: Kitchen towel, head towel, gym towel, travel towel, table overlay. Perfect for backpacking, hiking, or in a dancer’s bag.

Other common references: Peskir, pestemal, peshtemal, hammam towel.

Color: Grey (Medium)

Made in Turkey.